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VanMoof S3 and X3 review

VANMOOF S3 and X3 review

In most areas, you will eventually find a technological transformation; new innovative solutions will replace the old and traditional ones. For biking, we are at the start of such a transformation with bikes becoming smart, connected and electrical.

New and cool manufacturers are popping up from all parts of the world, pushing development of smart electrical bikes. VanMoof is an example of one of these new innovators, and we are pleased to have had the opportunity to test-drive their S3 and X3 models.

About VanMoof

VanMoof was founded in Amsterdam, by many people considered the biking capital of the world. Today they have shops in many major cities around the world, including Tokyo, San Francisco, Berlin and Paris. VanMoof is an innovative company that aims to challenge the stereotypical electrical bike, through smart design combined with cutting-edge technology.

VanMoof S3 and X3 are excellent examples of the new generation of electrical bikes; each component is well conceived and designed from the ground up. Many aspects of this bike puts an extra smile on your face. In regards to design, we at Indieridez think that both models are incredibly attractive, we always have a weak spot for vehicles that have succeeded in creating a sleek and modern look, cutting away all excess.

S3 and X3

Both models have fully integrated functions such as battery and display. You heard it right I said display. The display is in the top tube on both bikes and shows speed, battery indicator as well as your current gear.

The bikes are equipped with automatic gears in four different modes. The feature that above all contributes to the clean design is the integrated battery, located in the down tube. A possible drawback using this solution is that the battery is non-detachable, making the charging process less smooth than if you could just bring home the battery for charging.

Simplicity and safety is a priority of VanMoof. S3 and X3 have a built in lock, which is incredibly practical. Once you have connected your phone to the bike, you only have to stand next to it to unlock it. If your phone battery is empty, the bike can also be unlocked using a pin code. For additional safety, you can obviously also use your own bicycle lock if you wish.

Locks in all honesty, but a barking bike is something completely new, at least for us at Indieridez. If someone touches the bike while locked and parked, the alarm starts sounding, or more accurately, barking. The sound intensifies if the bike is lifted and carried off. This is fun and one would assume an efficient way to scare off a thief. However, if this should not be enough, the bicycle is equipped with a GPS, making it easier to find your stolen bike.

What put an extra smile on our faces is that both models are equipped with a “boost” button. If you find things a bit tough and arduous riding up a hill, simply press the boost button and the engine will give you an extra push. It is as close to the batmobile as you can get. 🙂


The innovation, design and technology on both VanMoof models is wildly impressive. We at Indieridez believe that these models are without doubt among the best looking and innovative ones currently on the market. Both the S3 and X3 are not just nice to look at, they are extremely comfortable to ride, even for someone over 190cm/6.2 feet. 

Looking at the pricing of these models, both start at 1998 USD, which we at Indieridez consider reasonable considering what you get.

We at Indieridez look forward to following VanMoof’s journey and are convinced that more people will open their eyes to their electrical bikes. We believe this is just a taste of what the future has in store. Smart electrical bikes are the future!