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Electric vehicles are the future!

We believe all personal transport will be electrified. Rapid development in battery technology and renewable energy make it possible to create a whole new type of innovative products which are superior in performance and are environmentally friendly, while at the same time offer lower maintenance and better economy than traditional ice alternatives.

The most exciting electric vehicles today are developed by a new generation of companies. These brands focus on highly innovative products in design and smart functionality, which create whole new categories of vehicles.

Indieridez is a product and price comparison service focusing on electric vehicles, with a focus on the next generation of independent brands.


We are always interested in new collaborations. Do you believe in smart and electric vehicles and want to collaborate with us? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

About Indieridez

Indieridez.com is a product comparison site where you can find products from the most innovative companies in personal transport.

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